Mexico City

A studio as bright, bold and energetic as its city

Welcome to Mexico City
Mexico City (or DF for nostalgic ones) is a city of many cities; a unique mix of colors and flavors that blend together in everyday chaos. frog’s first studio in Latin America is located in La Roma, one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the Mexican capital.
“Everyone at the studio is passionate about helping business grow while impacting how people experience the world. It is exciting working with such an incredible team.”
Belén García, Strategy Director
“It’s awesome to see the products your team and you designed out in people’s hands. But it’s even better to tell your children that your team and you designed them.”
Fabián Luna, Associate Design Director
Fun Facts
48 New Food Spots
A pond full of foodies. We’ve discovered and enjoyed a lot of food stops, from Argentinian-style tacos to spicy sushi and comida corrida.
3 Languages, 8 Accents
That happens when one language doesn't fit all. At the pond we communicate and share our ideas in chilango, northern, Argentinian, Colombian style and more; in Spanish, English—and sometimes even Spanglish!
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20+ Awesome Pets
Our pets bring us endless joy as we share the workplace(s) while we WFH.
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