Big city vibe, small town spirit

Welcome to Austin
The Texan capital has a big city vibe with a small town spirit. Find our frogs swimming in Austin’s spring-fed pools, jogging along Lady Bird Lake and taking in the city’s wide range of live music. And of course, eating tacos.
"The mix of humans we have here is second to none—Austin frogs are the perfect combination of world-class talent and nice. And the work we do every day is challenging and meaningful."
Meggan Webber, Principal Designer
“The Austin studio is like its home city: it lulls you with its unassuming warmth, then knocks you over with how big it dares to draw the limits of its aspirations. We have the expertise to navigate any choose-your-own-innovation adventure.”
Shining Li, Associate Strategy Director
Fun Facts
Hybrid + Hospitable
We model and challenge the hybrid working environment. 75% of our staff live in the Austin area and 25% are fully remote. And non-Austin studio frogs and Capgemini team members who live in Austin and work in other studios are humbly invited to pull up a chair and work out of our studio.
The Music Capital of the (frog) Pond
We are the global stewards of frog's music appreciation society and always have our ear to the ground for new discoveries.
Every Season, A Gathering
We consistently come together 4x a year in Austin for events (that are both remote-centric and remote-inclusive); SXSW, a mystery box Fall event and Summer and Winter Camp. The camp format and template were created in Austin and have even been adopted at other North America frog studios!
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